The Dictionary Desk Pillow Appears Serious but Facilitates Office Naps

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: japantrendshop & foolishgadgets
At a certain point, continuing your work while you're tired may be a waste of your employer's time and money. At least that's your own convenient rationale. Either way, it might be handy to stock your office bookcase with this Dictionary Desk Pillow so that it's handy for any situation when sleep trumps intellectual exertion.

Sold through the Japan Trend Shop, this work station savior has been manufactured with a convincing hardcover binding. Little would anyone know that it opens up to expose a plushy polyester cushion. A simple latch undoes the bogus wordbook, which can then be laid out across your writing surface to welcome your tired head. If you find yourself using the Dictionary Desk Pillow on a frequent basis, you'll be pleased to learn that the fabric padding can be removed from its paper-based casing and washed in the laundry.