Devon Dill Renders Engaging and Layered Works

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: devondill & nopefun.tumblr
New York-based photographer Devon Dill renders highly dynamic multimedia works. She combines a sense of voyeurism with nature and the human form. Her often humorous works engage the audience with both the setting and the subject, allowing them to create their own narrative. Dill creates a series entitled 'Space Play' that explores the adaptability of time and space in relation to private versus public atmospheres.

Dill is inspired by exploiting constructed boundaries. Her compositions, while dense with context, are playful and energetic. She aims to break down the standards of adult behaviour by a sense of childish adventure and scenes of misbehaving. She also challenges standard perspectives of the human relation to space and surroundings, turning relatable settings into chaotic, yet simple images. Her work is memorable and promises excellent projects for the future.