DeviantART's Daslasher1 Captures a Circumhorizontal Arc

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: daslasher1.deviantart & mymodernmet
deviantART's Daslasher1 user has uploaded a series of images from a fire rainbow. Technically known as a 'circumhorizontal arc,' Daslasher1 picked up on the rainbow-hued shades as they formed by way of ice crystals.

Dr. Les Cowley, an Atmospheric Optics Expert, divulged upon the sky-high phenomenon: "What is happening here is that on sunny afternoons, cumulus clouds boil upwards, pushing layers of moist air above..." These conditions are optimal for a bright display like this one as similarly-sized drops of water join together.

Daslahser1 is based in the United States where fire rainbows are often seen. The sheer beauty of this particular event is still breathtaking however, especially for viewers in Europe who are seldom privy to the natural occurrence.