These Paper-Made Creations by Karen Bit Vejle Resemble Lace Patterns

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
While paper is often associated with a medium we just use to read and write with, artist Karen Bit Vejle has taken ordinary paper and used it as her source of inspiration in creating delicately detailed paper art.

Vejle's artwork is so refined and carefully constructed that it very closely resembles that of lace and fabric. The ability to construct these wonderfully mesmerizing concepts from paper is no small task, with paper easily ripped and crumpled with one small touch, it takes complete and utter concentration and dedication to create these beautifully patterned art pieces.

Using only a single pair of scissors to create these stunning paper-made art pieces, Vejle's undeniable skill in paper-cutting can be fully appreciated in her complex and carefully sculpted designs.