Andreas Pohancenik's 'Design Criminals' Features Edible Guide Books

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: practiceandtheory & fastcodesign
Andreas Pohancenik has made design more appealing to the masses with 'Design Criminals,' an exhibition made up entirely of edible artwork. 'Design Criminals' was Pohancenik's response to 'Ornament and Crime,' the famous manifesto by European architect Adolf Loos, discouraging against all sorts of flashy and flowery designs.

If Loos were alive today, he would probably have a heart attack after seeing 'Design Criminals.' 'Design Criminals' features all sorts of flowery and showy designs like an automatic cake decorator and vases with ponytails. Pohancenik seems to have succeeded in rebelling against Loos' 'Ornament and Crime.'

Perhaps the coolest part about 'Design Criminals' is that the programs are edible! The programs for 'Design Criminals' were printed on waffle-paper with edible ink, giving providing a scrumptious dessert for those who get hungry while reading. If that isn't winning, I don't know what is.