These On-Demand Delivery Drones Can Carry Items Up to 500 grams

 - Dec 31, 2014
References: sky.bizzby & springwise
These delivery drones have the potential to get rid of mailmen all together. Bizzby Sky provide on-demand drone couriers that can carry small items, enabling people to send and receive things weighing up to 500 grams across the city (or 400 feet). Based in London, the courier drone fleet is designed for individual use. This could affect local post, but mail services for national and international purposes would still be necessary.

Cameras on board ensure the delivery drones are private and secure as they capture live footage while also pixelating anything that could be identified. Intelligent real-time sensors allow the drones to navigate obstacles, ensure safety and avoid collisions. The BIZZBY app allows you to pick up, drop off or request delivery drones in a matter of seconds. Home GPS coordinates and a 'redundant battery' make the drone come home.