This Ad Shows the Ugliness of the Truth Using Deep Sea Fish

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: & adweek
'Revista VEJA,' a Brazilian investigative journalism agency, teamed up with ad company 'AlmapBBDO' for a short commercial showing increasingly terrifying deep sea fish species as it progresses.

The ad begins with the viewer situated not far beneath the surface of the ocean, with light making the water a deep blue hue. However they are quickly taken 500 meters deep, where a strange looking 'Spurred Hatchetfish' is shown. As the video progresses they are taken further, with the deep sea fish becoming more menacing with each movement. The quick commercial ends off with the 'Common Fangtooth' at 5,000 meters deep, with the message, "The deeper you go, the uglier it gets" revealed.

With this, the ad creatively shows the journalism agency's ability to delve deeper and expose the truths not everyone wants to see.