These Pieces by Glak Love Deconstruct to Reconstruct

 - Apr 23, 2011
References: glaklove
Glāk Love LLC, an art and jewelry manufacturing company based out of Atlanta, has developed a trademarked process to create fine designs the company refers to as Celluloidic Art.

The name Glāk Love comes from the archaic Scottish word "glaik," which can mean either a transient glance or a complete fool. According to creator Angelyn Pass, "Glāk Love fits both definitions; It’s about falling completely, sometimes foolishly, in love with the transient moments caught on film." 

The process mentioned above, Celluloidic Art, deconstructs used vintage film negatives to create new images and large-scale works of art. These works of art are then lit from behind using custom LED boxed frames. When the light shines through the deconstructed vintage film, you can catch a glimpse of the small details buried within each picture.