Pascal Marlin's Deconstructed Art Pays Homage to Picasso

 - Aug 24, 2014
References: pascalmarlin & lanciatrendvisions
Pascal Marlin's deconstructed art pieces depict human forms in a bold and unexpected way. The artist's works boast inked drawings that are infused with paper, fabric and wallpaper fragments.

The collaged pieces are inspired by the Cubism art movement and are a modern translation of art pieces similar to those of Picasso himself. Pascal Marlin "glues and assembles everything together, adds paint, and supplies art lovers with a vision of ornamental beauty, dismembered and refined."

His shapely forms resemble abstracted views but reveal details of limbs, faces and other human characteristics that shine through pieces of colored material strips. The result is a contemporary cubism study that challenges tradition and plays with its viewer's perception.