Skylar Jessen's 'Decompressed Design' Disconnect to Encourage Conversation

 - May 18, 2017
References: & fastcodesign
Smart home devices are undeniably convenient, but design graduate Skylar Jessen's thesis project, 'Decompressed Design,' recognizes one of the unforeseen flaws with the nascent technology. Though connected home appliances ostensibly make everyday life easier, they also force people to check their phones constantly to make sure everything is functioning correctly. The Decompressed Design project invents ways to maximize the utility of IoT devices without interrupting the pleasures of daily existence.

There are several devices that make up Decompressed Design, but they're all intended to reduce the chance of notifications and interruptions during moments of interest. For example, the 'Sensing' lamp has microphones that detect when people in the room are in a "connected moment," and it uses Bluetooth technology to silence the user's smartphone while that moment is happening.