Deckset Automates Users' Notes and Turns Them into Slides

 - Dec 8, 2017
References: decksetapp
Deckset is a software platform for Mac computers that allows users to create decks quickly and effectively.

The basic premise of Deckset that it is able to convert users thoughts and points from text editor, and turn them into "beautiful presentations." The slideshow-creating app's slide designs are in keeping with the minimalism and clarity that the Apple brand is known for, making it perfect for presenters looking to convey information in a way that is simple and visually appealing. Deckset aims to make presenters focus on their ideas rather than the design of their slides, and automating the slide creation process ensures that they can do just that.

Deckset's automatic layouts and simple image and video integration makes it ideal for those looking to save time in the presentation-creation process.