Tell Everyone How?

 - Feb 20, 2007
References: daytipper is the grandma of the modern Internet citizen; she uses a cool web 2.0 site to give you tips on how to manage the tiny things.

Put dropped ice cubes in a plant pot. Date and sort bills for easy payments. Find gently used furniture in affluent areas... and get paid to "tip" at, where you can share tips on households, gardening, career, finance, travel, technology... all areas of life of the modern person. Successful tip submissions are paid US$3. Cute for the ever-helpful who have always a tip to share.

This nifty new site is the kind of Web 2.0 that I love: clean, open, honest look. Inviting. Participative. Curated content generated by the people. The content is cleanly organized and has a feel-good air. Lovely!