The New David Mesguich Public Space Sculptures will Shock and Surprise

 - May 12, 2013
References: davidmesguich & beautifuldecay
David Mesguich has created something truly original and unexpected. In fact, no one ever saw these sculptures coming. Mesguich's sculptures are meant for public space, meaning he places his work around shared spaces. Each of his sculptures occupies a spot around the city, surprising and shocking viewers when they stumble upon his unique work.

Mesguich's sculptures are also shocking in their composition. With a basic white-grey color palette and a highly texturized, warped material, Mesguich's creations are uncannily realistic in form. However, their blank gazes, looming height and warped surfaces, can easily spook the unwary city dweller.

While Mesguich's sculptures are shocking, they completely engross the viewer and are impossible not to think about -- a mark of true innovation.