David Guttenfelder Gives a Glimpse into Daily Life in North Korea

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: google & lifelounge.au
David Guttenfelder, chief Asia photographer for the Associated Press, captures a rare glimpse of the daily life in North Korea. Earlier this year Charlie Crane's Pyongyang Series was brought to our attention as well. Crane took the time to also relate the difficulty media had in accessing this secretive city, not to mention how guarded North Korea's government remained even after inviting him and his colleagues into their country.

David Guttenfelder, accompanied by Jean H. Lee, AP bureau chief in Seoul, visited familiar sites accompanied by government minders. David Guttenfelder and Jean H. Lee were also able to travel into the countryside, getting a much more in-depth look into this communist culture than most photographers and journalists have.

Expansively candid, David Guttenfelder managed to gain some interesting insight through his photos.