DataSTICKIES Replace USB Sticks as Inexpensive and Compact Alternatives

 - Nov 20, 2013
Prepare to be suitably impressed by the ingenious invention of dataSTICKIES. They may have lengths, widths and capabilities that compare to those of thumbdrives, but take a close look at these flash memory devices and you'll notice an incredible single-atom thickness and you'll enthusiastically wonder exactly how they work.

Parag Anand and Aditi Singh definitely deserve the titles of 2013 Red Dot Design Award Winners for this concept. Made of graphene to mimic the look of little sticky note tabs, these cutting-edge gizmos contain two-dimensional honeycomb structures of carbon that can store great quantities of information. To read the contents of the dataSTICKIES, and to move files on and off of them, you fix them to a computer's optical data transfer surface (ODTS). The reusable conductive adhesive helps to connect them.