Dariusz Klimczak Merges Fantasy and Reality in His Photorealistic Series

Polish artist Dariusz Klimczak blurs the line between reality and fantasy in his new collection of surreal art.

Questioning whether Dariusz Klimczak's new set of artwork is real or fake will only get the viewer more confused, which is precisely the point. Intertwined with reality are fantastical elements that could not possibly be true, but yet are depicted with spectacular detail in the photorealistic art. It is hard not to be reminded of Terry Gilliam's famous film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where the worlds collide based on the each viewer's imagination. As observers step through the realms created by Dariusz Klimczak, a sense of longing and nostalgia surfaces as the memories of childhood imagination and wildly impossible ideas come to mind. But as the artist has elegantly demonstrated, nothing is impossible.