The Daniel Horowitz 365 Series Pairs Animals with the Surreal

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: drawingdujour.tumblr & flavorwire
Daniel Horowitz is a New York-based illustrator and mixed media artist with a penchant for blending fantastical elements and animals in his work. Earlier this year, Daniel Horowitz created the '365 Series,' a collection of illustrations for each day of the year, at the rate of one drawing a day.

While the theme and content of each drawing varies, one major staple features Daniel Horowitz illustrating animals in unusual and fantasy-like settings, including two regal fish in identical dresses and high-heels, eyes fixated on the camera; a glamour shot of a Betty Draper lookalike, a possum wrapped comfortably around her face; a horse standing in front of a lake, a large and effervescent bird taking a bite out of his midsection. Each image is imaginative, unconventional and undoubtedly jarring.

Despite his eye for the abnormal and nontraditional, Daniel Horowitz is a darling of major media companies. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and GQ.