This Dancing Photography Series Captures Moves with Light Trails

 - Feb 24, 2016
With a fascination in dance and music, this dancing photography series was created by Bogdan Cioc. Cioc was looking for a way to visually express the whole movement, not only the pose, in one picture, without Photoshop, a way to record ballet moves, so he came up with an idea. Bicycle front and rear lights were used in total darkness along with a long exposure to record dance trails and build them into a pattern. Flash was also set off at the right moment, usually at the end of the motion, for the dancer's image.

Bogdan Cioc is a visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania who specializes in food and drink imagery. This is one project that was created as an escape from day-to-day activities. Cioc likes to explore the limits of visual language both in his food and non-food projects.