The 'Dance with Me' Photography Series Uses Long-Exposure

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: laughingsquid & holykaw.alltop
Amandine Alessandra is a photographer and graphic designer who has created a dazzling series called 'Dance with Me.' Alessandra created sentences such as "Type Should Move" and the entire alphabet using nothing but light, a camera and a few helpful friends.

Using a long-exposure setting on her camera, Alessandra instructed each person to create a letter of the alphabet with their hands over and over again while dressed in black, head-to-toe. The repetitive motion and the light cast upon their skin created each letter and made them appear almost ghostly.

'Dance with Me' is a perfect embodiment of the saying, "There is more than meets the eye," since these letters are only perceived after the fact by the lens of the camera. It's a perfect mix of photography technique and poetry.