Damon Loble’s Photography is Sensual and Innocent

The seductive and tasteful essence of the woman is prominent, which showcases the art of Damon Lobe’s photography.

These images depict slightly clad women, drenched in sunlight and displayed in minimalistic settings. The feature is titled ‘50 Pounds of Lust’ and while staring at these images, one gets a sense of pride and sensuality from the women in the photographs. The images are provoking yet respectable, because the women look as if they’re in their natural habitat and aren’t necessarily posing for the camera. These women are shown propped up against the wall with light pouring through their silhouettes, while others are draped across the bed, or peeling off their shirts.

‘50 Pounds of Lust’ is a photo series that takes the viewer into a deeper realm of thought, and makes them feel as if they’re living in these typical daily scenes themselves.