A Cutting Pill Bottle Helps Patients Halve Dosages of Daily Meds

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: yankodesign
While certain medications are essential to a healthy life, many can be effectively taken in smaller amounts to what the pharmaceutical companies prepare. This cutting pill bottle would enable people to reduce dosages as they desire, for treating minor afflictions such as headaches and some types of pain.

JiaChen Du, DanDan Liao, WenZai Ye and GuangHao Wu have proposed a simple modification to the typical pill bottle that would only affect the cap. The idea is that this would be made deeper, enabling it to accommodate a dimple for inserting a single tablet. The lid would then have its own additional lid, one that's transparent, flat and equipped with a tiny blade. Press the Pill Cutter down onto one capsule and the dose will be split in half, with one section to be saved for later.