These Customizable Cards Have Check Boxes to Maximize Applicability

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: & kickstarter
These customizable cards solve the problem of never being able to find the perfect greeting card for a very specific occasion, relationship or congratulations. The Jones-Withey cards each have multiple lists of phrases from which you can check mark to best capture what you're trying to say.

The cards can say anything from, "Hope you didn't have an uneventful wedding" to "It's time to totally forget about, then send a belated card for that... special day." The customizable cards, like the Kickstarter project, are done in a comedic way, providing humor in their specificity. However, that being said, modern times bring many unique situations that the standard cliche card simply doesn't address. The hilarious cards provide a way to not only celebrate but address negative occasions as well as unexpected events.