Google Execs Launch Rival Search Engine

 - Jul 28, 2008
References: techcrunch
Cuil is out and some are hailing it as, “The next Google.” No one can contain their overwhelming curiosity. 

But what is Cuil? Where did Cuil come from? Am I going to start “cuiling” when I need information in the future? Is Cuil even cool?

A curious journalist myself, I thought I'd do some digging to find out what Cuil is really about.

From the get-go, I realized it was different than Google, the first hint being the search engine's all-black background.

What is Cuil?

Cuil is a start-up search engine: started by three FORMER SENIOR GOOGLE EMPLOYEES! Yikes! Now that's stiff competition. They say they can index faster and cheaper than Google.

When can I start using Cuil

Check it out right now! The site launched last night, and already Cuil has 120 billion sites indexed. “Search 121,617,892,992 web pages” it says on the front page on the day of the launch.

What's the buzz in blogs about Cuil?

“Where Cuil excels is with the related categories, which return results that are extremely relevant,” TechCrunch says. “Cuil does a good job of guessing what we'll want next and presents that in the top right widget. That means Cuil saves time for more research based queries.”

Who's behind it?

With $33 million in funding, Cuil was founded by three former senior Googlers. Tom Costello, the CEO, Anna Patterson, VP of Engineering and Russell Power.

Will it hurt Google?

Cuil is still in its start-up stages, so there's no knowing for sure, but judging by the buzz it's already created, and the geniuses working on it, who knows? Maybe we'll all become Cuilers after all!

The Big Question

“Googling” yourself has become HUGE, everyone wants to see what the buzz is about themselves. So, what comes up when you Cuil yourself?

I had to perform the search on myself. It is a VERY different result than Google gives. As seen by the screen shot provided, it pulls up an image of me, my Trend Hunter profile, comments I've posted online, and fellow Trend Hunter, Ayman's, Digg contacts where I am listed.

Fascinating! I suggest everyone Cuil themselves to see what comes up.

Leave your comments, love Cuil, or leave it?