Santo's Cubes of Coffee are Made with Columbian Coffee and Cane Sugar

 - Sep 11, 2018
References: coffeecubesclub & prnewswire
Santo Coffee Cubes will soon be launching its cubes of coffee on a Kickstarter campaign, introducing a product that appeals to busy individuals, as well as those who want to support coffee growers and their families.

The Coffee Cubes are made with 100% Columbian coffee, without chemicals and preservatives and only raw, unrefined cane sugar as a sweetener. Unlike hot coffee, the mess-free coffee product is easily transported in a solid format and only requires about 30 seconds to prepare.

As part of its crowdfunding campaign, the brand hopes to get funding for its first stock and develop new health and wellness-centric flavors like Ginseng Coffee Cubes and Ginger Coffee Cubes, alongside other inventive formats like Green Tea Cubes, Non-Sweetened Coffee Cubes and Espresso Coffee Cubes.