The Cube Chair Adjusts to Support Your Preferred Position

 - Aug 8, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
When somebody designs a seat, he's making assumption that it's surfaces will afford most sitters comfort, but seldom does such a system allow for any customization. When it comes to the Cube Chair, on the other hand, the possibilities for redefining its form are many.

Tamara Svonja and Penta have developed what looks at first glance to be a simple wooden crate, but a closer inspection lets the object unravel before the user's eyes. Once one flap of the box is opened, the user can appreciate the truly adaptable function of the piece.

When all six sides are flattened out, you can see that four of the inside faces are padded with beveled square cushions. The Cube Chair allows for the two flanking planes to be angled upwards, providing backrests for those seeking more support than what a crate or a pad can offer.