Study: Crime Shows Cause Weight Gain

 - Sep 11, 2008   Updated: Jul 25 2011
References: msnbc.msn
The U.S. is getting fatter and now a study indicates crime television may be a big, fat, contribution to overeating. 'Law and Order,' all the CSI's, 'Cold Case,' 'The Closer,' and all of their respective reruns makes it nearly impossible to avoid the brutal banquet of bulging bio-mass blitz on the tube. The Journal of Consumer Research says must-bleed-tv makes us want to shop and eat more, contributing to weight gain.

Implications - The results of this study are remarkable. 'Law and Order,' 'CSI,' 'Cold Case', and 'the Closer' are some of the most successful shows in syndication, meaning the likelihood that these shows will be on every day at different hours is high. The United States is mired in a battle of credit as well as a battle of the bulge -- it must be hard when it seems like every avenue of entertainment is working against you. Maybe I'll take it easy on my 'Law and Orderathons.' Or not.