The Crystallizing DNA Video Showcases What Happens Under a 1000x Microscope

Linden Gledhill was able to capture what happens to crystallizing DNA under a 1000 x microscope. When speaking on DNA, one might converse over its double helix structure or chemical bonds. However, under a 1000 x microscope, one is able to see much more than that. Gledhill, a seasoned photographer, captured more than 15,000 rainbow-infused images using a specialized research microscope.

This photography series from Gledhill is being put to good use. By creating jaw-dropping images of crystallizing DNA samples, Gledhill is able to help identify and treat autism's different subtypes. Not only is this photography sequence beautiful, it also aids a charitable cause. By understanding how DNA crystallizes, maybe we will be able to understand how to treat autism. Proceeds of the photos go to MSSNG, an autism awareness campaign in the United States.