CryptoDoggies is Yet Another Take on Crypto Tokens

 - Feb 6, 2018
References: & producthunt
There's been a lot of noise recently surrounding the financial potential for Bitcoin, and CryptoDoggies shows the fever pitch that it's risen to. That said, it's difficult to deny the goofy charm of the blockchain-guaranteed pups.

CryptoDoggies are clearly inspired by Cryptokitties, the cat-based blockchain system released a few months ago. From the silly proportions to the googly eyes, CryptoDoggies are indebted to their feline ancestors.

Aside from design, CryptoDoggies are also based on blockchain technology. They use blockchain-secured encryption to ensure that collectors have exclusive domain over the tokens that they own, preventing copying or other shenanigans. Further, CryptoDoggies owners can "breed" new dogs based on the one's they currently own to create completely unique tokens.

CryptoDoggies were developed by Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant.