Crowne Plaza Publicity Stunt

 - Jun 13, 2008
References: imprinttalk
What better way to show people that the ANA Crowne Plaza hotel's beds provide you with a good night sleep than by suspending a whole bed on the side of a tall building and then getting someone to sleep on the vertical bed/billboard? Yeah, maybe not the first idea to come to my mind, but it surely grabbed people's attention!

As part of their “Good Night, Good Tomorrow” campaign, the hotel hung a bed vertically on the side of the Sony Building wall in Ginza, Tokyo. A professional window cleaner then took part of the publicity stunt by suspending herself from the top of the building and staying inside the bed for a while.

Aya Nakamura said, “I was yawning and I actually almost fell asleep because it's such beautiful weather. It's so warm and it feels so good.”