This Platform Helps Users Create Peer-Authored Resumes

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: betalist & betalist
'Wirki' is a crowdsourced resume-building platform that allows users to build a career profile based on peer feedback. As the traditional resume becomes less important to employers, many people are looking for new ways to show off their skills. This service helps users build peer-authored resumes that will help them stand out to potential employers.

Wirki is similar to Wikipedia in that other people can write and edit the information presented on a user's career profile. To use the service, users simply invite their peers to rate their skills, describe their work and include any other relevant work information. User can then edit their own profile to fill in any gaps. The idea is to craft peer-authored resumes based on the words of those within your existing professional network.

The crowdsourced resume-building platform gives users a simple way to secure honest testimonials that will help them stand out to potential employers and ultimately grow their professional network.