'Quero Na Capa' is Getting the Masses to Create Sultry Scenes

Quero Na Capa, which is roughly translated to "choose the next cover girl model" in Portuguese, is the first crowdfunding site in the world aimed to adult content creation. People can choose which model they would like to see starring in an artistic photoshoot, erotic movie scene, live-streamed striptease and much more.

Professional agents and photographers across the country (Brazil) select and publish models profile on the site, specifying which type of content will be produced and the total amount of funding needed.

Users can then donate any amount of money to reach the sum needed to produce the specified content. Just like any other crowdfunding website, each donation to Quero Na Capa has a special reward, which in this case goes from exclusive access to the content created, participating in the making-of, dining with the model and many other possibilities.