This Interval Training Timer is Controlled by a Phone, Tablet or Watch

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: gymnext & kickstarter
The technology in your CrossFit gym, Bootcamp class, or even your home gym just got 1,000 times better with the launch of the GymNext Flex interval training timer. This amazing piece of technology lets you control a wall-mounted display from your smartphone or tablet. You can even stand over a bar and initiate the timer from an Apple Watch -- it's awesome!

But It gets even better, big gyms can mount multiple displays around the gym and control them all simultaneously. This is great for station-to-station workouts or WODs that use multiple pieces of equipment.

The heart rate feature is great for personal training. Hook up Bluetooth HR monitor to a phone and the display will notify you when a user has entered or exited customizable heart rate zones.

Now that the wall timer is communicating the same way other fitness tech and wearables are, interval training becomes seamless.