Crispy Minis Rice Chips Are Sourced From Fruits and Veggies

 - May 25, 2018
References: crispyminis
These Crispy Minis rice chips are a healthy, multigrain snack option available in three tasty flavors -- savory Balsamic & Bruschetta or Italian Herb & Olive Oil along with a sweet Orchard Apple & Cinnamon option.

Coming in at just 90 calories per 20 gram serving, the Crispy Minis rice chips range is sourced from real fruit and vegetables, and is gluten-free, making it a diet-friendly choice for those with a wheat intolerance. Additionally, each bag is made with popped corn and whole grain brown rice ingredients and boasts no added flavors or colors.

Quaker's Crispy Minis are a favorite among consumers seeking snacks that are low in calories without sacrificing great taste, and its newest products are no exception -- whether satisfying one's sweet tooth or substituting traditional salty snacks.