CreepyTweets Intrigues Twitter Followers Just By Being Creepy

 - Jul 8, 2009
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CreepyTweets joined in November 2008, but until April 2009, they only had a handful of followers; today, however, their follower count has blossomed to a ripe 1,926 Twitter users.

With tweets like, "if a twitter virus was an std, which one would it be?" and our "bare legs touching - on a flight to who knows where - why did i wear shorts?" we were left wondering how CreepyTweets had accumulated so many followers. And more importantly, why are they following this account? We interviewed CreepyTweets ourselves to find out.

How do u stay on the cutting edge of creepiness?

What can we say?  Some people are just born with it.  That, and we’re loyal readers of Hot Chicks With Douchebags, Look At This ####### Hipster, Rude Not To & Trend Hunter.

Can people get inspired by creepiness?

Two words: Michael Jackson. What is creepy to one person is only slightly awkward to another. Creepiness should not be avoided. Creepiness should be embraced as a state of mind and serve as a comfort to us all in the darkest of times. Check out our following and you tell us if people can get inspired by creepiness!

What are your plans for the creepytweets brand?

Do kids still use lunchboxes? We’d love to do a line of those. That or launch creepyhaiku. If there is a brand out there that wants to align themselves with creepytweets, let’s talk. We’ve yet to take on any funding, but are open to that too. DM us @creepytweets.

If you couldn’t be creepy, what would u be?

An innuendo. Definitely.