Utility and Water Companies in Thames are Using Fat Waste

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: 2oc & psfk
Creative energy solutions are key to our survival and maintaining a functional and healthy planet. The utility company 2OC has partnered with Thames Water in the UK to turn the all of the excess fat build up that is clogging their sewer systems into a renewable source of energy. These creative energy solutions and collaborations will potentially provide power for close to 40,000 homes, local sewage plants as well as a desalination station.

The project is estimated to be worth 200m pounds. The plan is set to take place over the course of 20 years and involves collecting over 30 tonnes of fat waste from thousands of vendors and restaurants around London. This creative energy solution will put the fat to better use. The project is also estimated to save roughly 1 million pounds a month spent on clearing the sewers of regular fat blockages.