From Bubble Dresses to Shoe Hats

 - Sep 3, 2008
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The self-proclaimed "semi-hilarious" website has brought crazy fashion to our fingertips with their "World’s Crazy Fashions" article. If you thought you knew everything about cutting-edge fashion, you were dead wrong. From bubble dresses- (how do they keep them from popping?) to shoe hats (for those days when you just want to go in a corner and stand on your head,) everything goes on the chic-modern runway, and nothing is too bold or too strange.

Update your true fashion knowledge by checking out the hot new trends pictured here, and check them out on Hogwild’s website for hilarious commentary clips.

These fashions are clear proof that once designers become famous enough, they can get away with throwing together just about anything and terming it "couture." Here are some truly crazy clothes. They may be "high-fashion," but how many of these goofy get-ups would you actually leave your house wearing?