Crayola Wonder Markers Ads by Punita Tanna Show Mess-Free Fun

 - Oct 18, 2010   Updated: Aug 4 2011
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These Crayola Wonder Markers ads by Punita Tanna use a theme of impenetrable paper to convey the markers' selling point: They'll only work on paper. Each ad features a kids' drawing placed atop carpet, wood and a painted wall. The paper scrunches at the outermost edge of the drawing to form a protective 3-D barrier against the surface beneath the paper.

Parents of artsy kids everywhere will appreciate these Crayola Wonder Markers ads.

Implications - In a world where it is increasingly more difficult to gain consumer attention, businesses must use varying and unique tactics to help them stand out from other businesses trying to do the same. This pattern utilizes a simplistic idea to create an advertisement that targets the youth demographic by mimicking what they might create with their products. This makes the business both relatable and effective.