Craig Arend Makes Models Jump for Joy in the Streets

This delightful series of street snapshots by photographer Craig Arend will have you jumping for joy.

Arend recently captured these moments during the Fall 2011 Couture show in Paris, France. Straying from traditional serious shoots, Arend opted to flaunt fun fashions by encouraging his models to move. The stunning subjects can be seen leaping, jumping and prancing through the streets of Paris with huge grins on their faces. The jumps even made the fashions more appealing; the air billows through the skirts and blouses, folding the fabrics beautifully.

Craig Arend proves that couture can also be fun and games.

Implications - Consumers have become desensitized to the majority of images in advertisements due to their overwhelming abundance in society. These consumers now only appreciate advertisements that attract them with unusual and creative content. Companies should consider incorporating atypical graphics into their marketing campaigns to appeal to a wider consumer audience.