This Cowboy Hat was Created Entirely from an Upcycled Toaster

While toasters are useful for a lot of tasks, creating wearable cowboy fashion isn't the first function that comes to mind. DeviantARTish Blue Fox, however, saw differently. By melting and re-shaping parts of an old metal toaster this avid cowboy fan was able to create a chic and shiny cowboy hat.

The toaster's slots face upwards out of the hat so they could technically still be used as storage if the user needs some place to keep his cowboy lasso or chewing tobacco. The brim of the hat is formed of melted toaster metal that was re-shaped to create a wide brim worthy of John Wayne.

This upcycled cowboy fashion is an awesome and unique demonstration of creative recycling. Instead of throwing away an old kitchen appliance this artist went the extra mile and created an original piece of wearable art that will have every gun-happy cowboy green with envy.