Fur Coats For the Wealthiest Pups for Winter Comfort

 - Jul 21, 2009
References: hartmanandrose
The wealthiest one percent of pooches may now be donning haute couture doggie coats. They are not just any coats, as they are fur coats to be exact. These fur coats can run upwards of $150,000, as does one in particular: the Sable coat. The website states "These coats are so spectacular they will take your breath away. Your husband may need oxygen when the prices take his breath away."

Forget a husband losing his breathe at the prices, I almost lost my breathe! The last time I checked, dogs already had their own fur. Apparently their fur may not be enough for these pampered pooches and their elite owners. A mere sable, chinchilla, or Persian lamb will have to suffice.