This Infographic Details the Process Behind the Cost of Diamond Rings

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: infographicsarchive
A lot of people wonder what determines the cost of diamond rings? Is it the clarity or the size? And beyond that, why do they cost so much anyway? Aren't they just stones from the ground that are found and put on rings? This infographic attempts to give us some background to explain the cost of diamond rings.

The first step in the lengthy and costly process to providing a diamond ring is investing $10 million simply to see if a site has diamonds in it at all. If it does, then the company needs about 13 years and $100 million more to proceed. From there the mine opens, with about 800 miners needed. About 250 tonnes of ore will produce one diamond -- only 1 in 5 of those diamonds will be jewel grade. From there, the stone is polished and set into a ring.