The CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit is Quick and Energy Efficient

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: skymall & coolest-gadgets
While the concept of a connected home is becoming more mainstream, products such as the CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit are also just as useful. Although not necessarily part of the smart technology that brings an entire household together, it is an automated gadget that makes laundry chores much more convenient. It takes an old school way of drying clean clothes and turns it into something quick, eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit doubles the time of drying clothes outdoors that operates on a hi-tech pulley system. This makes it faster to load and unload laundry. It also uses PermaClip clothespins that are not only wind-resistant, but also rust-resistant. Not only does the CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit make hanging clothes outdoors more appealing, people will greatly enjoy the methodical process as well.