Cool Victory is Offering Travel and Training with Lamborghini Race Team

 - Jul 22, 2009
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Lamborghini race team and travel around while honing your racing ability and seeing beautiful parts of the world? The Cool Victory Race team is offering that opportunity.

Cool Victory is an international Lamborghini GT race team that has created a fractional ownership package for the Lamborghinis on there squad. This package gives the participant a once in a lifetime experience to be a member of a race team and travel. Equipped with a driver (part of the package), you are trained by the team for a period of time leading up to a racing event at the location of your choice. Now that can’t be matched.

I know how tantalizing it looks, and for just 34,400 Euros, Cool Victory Lamborghini racing can be all yours (you know, if you don’t pass out after seeing the beautiful yellow Lambo).