Cookingforbae Created a Collection Inedible Cuisine

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: instagram
Instagram user cookingforbae created a failed cooking social media account where users can email or tweet their "struggling plates and inedible cuisine" and have them featured on the website. Cookingforbae is all about showcasing the trial and serious error of some homemade meals, or simply to poke fun at some ridiculous cooking ideas.

The Instagram account will keep you entertained and laughing all day, but if you have a weak stomach, you should probably take some Tums before perusing the gallery. Some meal attempts turned into mush, other potluck-styled dishes turned out looking like a jambalaya of disaster and some people just tried to blend hot dogs.

Cookingforbae's failed cooking social media account is truly an innovative and amusing concept and already the account has over 13,000 followers.