The Contrast Photo by Marcin Ryczek Juxtaposes Multiple Items

 - Feb 3, 2013
References: plfoto & thisiscolossal
This contrast photo by Marcin Ryczek carries a number of brilliant juxtapositions within a single frame.

The capture could not have been taken at a better time from a more appropriate angle, as within the image can be found a juxtaposition of a few different things. To start, the picture heavily contrasts black and white right down the middle. The barrier between the two colors also acts as the second separation that occurs between man and animal, as they are both on opposite sides. And lastly, it divides water and snow.

This perfectly snapped contrast photo with the sharp and obvious vertical comparison goes against traditional photography methodology. As a general rule, pictures are more pleasing when they are off-centre, yet this image defies this wonderfully.