Continuum from Mary Huang Frees Women from Fashion Designers

Custom-made cocktail dresses may be only a click or two away thanks to Continuum from Mary Huang. Continuum is a web-based service that lets women design their dresses, skirts, and gowns.

Continuum from Mary Huang is meant for women who have trouble fitting into the dresses off the racks. Just because you can fit into a small, medium or large, it doesn't necessarily mean you look good in those sizes. Continuum uses Delaunay triangulation (essentially a bunch of triangles cut and sewn together) to help you build a dress that hugs and tugs in all of the right places.

I don't intend on wearing a dress or skirt anytime soon, but I'd still love to see Continuum from Mary Huang up and running. Custom-made menswear is on the horizon, guys.