‘Euphoria' and ‘Qualm' Sculptures by Joseph Barbaccia

Joseph Barbaccia introduces a sparkly and very sexy perspective to contemporary sculptures through his sequin art creations.

Vibrant and captivating, his collection includes several magnificent works, such as the feathery ‘Euphoria,’ a rainbow fountain made of polystyrene, sequin and stainless steel pins. Equally impressive is the glittery ‘Qualm,’ a super-sized shape that resembles an overweight animal leg covered with shimmering earth colors.

The smooth sequin sculptures release a joyous spirit and add an attitude of glory to their surroundings. Joseph Barbaccia is certain to get such vivid creativity noticed. Unfortunately, though, not only is my apartment too small for sculptures, but I am also afraid that my nephews will guarantee a very small life span for the alluring contemporary art pieces.