The Contact Lens Helper Streamlines and Sanitizes the Insertion Process

 - Dec 14, 2013
Irritation is one of the reasons that many people choose to wear their glasses over the alternative, but the use of the Contact Lens Helper would undoubtedly make the application and removal process simpler. Designed by Wan Sungyuk, Zhao Zhiyong, Wu Qiwen and Zheng Haibin, this clever contraption can make your morning bathroom ritual faster and more comfortable, and decrease the likelihood of bacteria transferal and eye aggravation.

The 2013 Red Dot Design Award winning concept comprises a flexible squeezable compartment, a transparent neck and a suctioning tip with a hole. Begin by dipping the Contact Lens Helper into your ocular solution; pinch and release it to pick up a single lens; hold it between your open eyelids and then depress it once more to drop the tiny dome and some liquid over your iris at once.