The 'Consume Ourselves' Video Criticizes Excessive Consumer Culture

 - May 13, 2014
References: vimeo & gizmodo
'Consume Ourselves' is a video created by Calum Houldsworth, that at once criticizes excessive consumerism while also painting a picture of how consumerism is draining people of their genuine humanity.

Consume Ourselves is less than a minute long, and instantly launches into grainy, blurry, fast-moving footage depicting billboards, advertisements and advertising slogans along with frenzied footage of people shopping and admiring themselves and their products. Eerie sounds make the video even more powerful, as it conveys the extent to which advertising and consumerism rule our lives. Words like 'absorbed,' 'conform' and 'consume' flash on the screen, while the video ends with the warning, 'We no longer live life, we consume it.'

The video's maker, Vimeo user Calum Houldsworth, says that a lot of advertising affects people's self esteem and convinces them that spending money on products will make their lives better.