The Conor McLain F*cking Young! Exclusive is Sci-Fi Chic

The Conor McLain F*cking Young exclusive editorial is the style website’s latest online feature. The model newcomer is lensed by photographic duo Anna Montesi and Mattia Mirandola in a portrait series that embraces sci-fi styling.

The model is outfitted by wardrobe stylist Anna Velardi who dresses him in sleek suits and autumn outerwear looks inspired by a 60s MOD aesthetic. Shining a light on impeccable tailoring, chic lapel details and texture-enriched fabrics, the Conor McLain F*cking Young exclusive editorial is a contemporary take on timeless elegance.

The model sports a wardrobe fit for a gentleman while makeup artist Kassandra Frua De Angeli gives him a metallic face paint application that offsets his clean cut look.